Joseph Wolveskill Biography

The work of Joseph Wolveskill honors the cultural diversity and
tribal individualism of traditional Native America. His people,
the Comanche, were lords of the Southern Plains. Through the
Uto-Aztecan Family on the Shoshone branch you will find his
Comanche ancestors. His present work includes a historically and
culturally sound exploration into the many faces of traditional
Native America and a series on sacred animals, using his favorite
medium, pastels.

While there are many artists of varied backgrounds who choose to
depict Native American themes in their work, few are as
meticulous in their authenticity as Joseph Wolveskill. His
efforts to maintain the integrity and the essence of each
individual tribe renders his work unique. His extensive research
on the tribes portrayed - the regalia, hair, paint, tatooing, and
color preferences - comes from historical and anthropological
texts, period photographs and museum pieces.

Joseph Wolveskill presently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico
though his hometown is Houston, Texas. He spent ten years in Los
Angeles, California. While in Los Angeles, he was active in the
Native American community, one of the largest in the country. He
is strongly connected to and proud of his heritage, and works to
keep these traditions alive for his son and future generations.
Within the pow wow arena he dances Northern Traditional - a style
he prefers for it's emotional eloquence and aggressive
expression. As an artisan on the pow wow circuit, his treatment
of traditional Native American crafts (bead, leather and bone
work) is natural and organic, utilizing materials such as bone,
stone, real metals, and leather. Certain pieces utilize period
media, such as glass beads from the 1800's. "I want to keep it as
raw as I possibly can and as real to what it is." says Joseph
about his work.

His concern about the way Native Americans are portrayed in
American culture has led him to work as an actor on such film as
"Geronimo", "Cheyenne Warrior", the television series "Dr. Quinn,
Medicine Woman" and the documentary "A Place in the Circle",
among others. "Each nation has it's own history, culture, stories
and beliefs. To assume that a Cherokee is the same as a Sioux
would be like saying an Irishman is the same as an Englishman"
says Joseph. Joseph also performs "First Speeches" and
educational presentations for various organizations and museums.

An artist since he was old enough to draw, Joseph Wolveskill was
first recognized at the age of ten, in a nationwide art
competition. After many years of developing his technique,
knowledge and perspective, Joseph began to publically show his
art in 1994.

Please note that all artwork on this site is copyrighted by the
artist and may not be used or reproduced in any manner without
the express permission of Joseph Wolveskill.

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